CBSE paper leak

The Central Board of Secondary Education has announced re-examination of Economics and Mathematics papers for 12th and 10th classes respectively following “certain happenings in the conduct of certain examinations”. Taking cognizance of this, the decision of going in for fresh exams in two papers has formally been made.  Dates of fresh examinations and other details are to be hosted on the Board’s website within a week. Ahead of examinations, both these papers are reported to have been leaked. The leak has disappointed most of the students more so when for no fault of theirs, they are to take fresh examinations.
Not only the students are sore about the decision and have been protesting against the “leak “as well but the teachers too are not happy. The papers, it is alleged, had been leaked a day in advance and were hand written instead of being printed. Like this, only those students who do not take studies seriously are benefitted as against those who showed care and conscientiousness in studies and worked really hard.
The students agitating against the leak as also against the re-examination at many places stems from a piquant situation whereby just five or six people managing  the leak could play havoc with tens of thousands of innocent students who were in a relaxing mode having done their examinations and most of them must have given shape to and make preparations for vacation plans had now to reinvent their interest in fresh studies to be able to prepare for the fresh dates was felt by them as troublesome and irritating. On the other hand, with a view to upholding the sanctity of Board examinations and in the interests of the fairness to the students, the Board has decided to re- conduct the examinations.
There have been numerous occasions in the past too about the question papers getting leaked and many involved in this clandestine activity had been nabbed but still the menace is threatening the credibility of the entire exercise of examinations besides suffering by the hard working and promising students. There should be a foolproof system to pre-empt such acts of cheats.