CBI to probe the death of police inspector’s wife

Has Police allegedly attempted to shield the husband of his deceased wife from whose service weapon, the bullet fired took her life and allied connected issues are now sought to be probed into by the premier investigating agency, the CBI on the directions of the State High Court.
The accused Vivek Bhasin was inspector in the security wing of the Chief Minister when his wife Neha Kumari died on account of the shoot out and it was believed that the Police Officer was influencing the investigations. It was the father of the deceased woman who filed a petition in the State High Court praying for the investigations of the case to be handed over to the CBI or any other specially constituted investigation team which was granted as the Court felt that there appeared to be a definite attempt to shield the accused by fellow police officers.
Since the judgment is in favour of the investigations by the CBI, the court has directed the premier investigation agency of the country to “forthwith investigate” the case and the circumstances leading to the death of the deceased and determine whether the case was suicidal or homicidal. Let us wait to see what comes out of the investigations to clear the mist and to ensure that the deceased got justice.