CBI enquiry

The brutal killing and rape of a minor girl belonging to a Gujjar Bakerwal tribe in Kathua last month has shook the conscience of every civilised person irrespective of his religious or caste affiliations. This heinous crime had a domino effect which precipitated into a major movement all across the country. People from all walks of life have condemned this  disgusting act and asked for  maximum punishment to the culprits.
But, unfortunately, Kathua rape case increasingly has now been hijacked by certain elements  who want to see this as a ladder for the launch of their political career. There have been deliberate attempts by a section of media and politicians to brand this incident as a communal one.
This smear campaign against Dogras is a part and parcel of a larger conspiracy being woven so as to shatter the prevailing social fabric of Jammu which bases itself heavily on the ideas of secularism, pluralism and innclusiveness. There has also been a sinister plot to drive a wedge between Gujjar Bakerwals and Dogras in Jammu who have lived in harmony since times immemorial and are more close to Dogras than their Kashmiri counterparts.
Dogras in particular and people from whole Jammu region have vehemently asked for a CBI enquiry in this matter as serious flaws appeared in the chargesheet filed by the Crime Branch of the J&K police. Some elements have even deliberately tried to portray entire Jammu as people who are shielding ‘rapists’ or as ‘communal’. This is absolutely rubbish. Demand  for a CBI enquiry doesn’t under any chance stand for  impunity to the culprits. Its just for a free and fair trial without any overt or covert political influence.
I hope that the present dispensation heeds to this demand of the Dogras and justice is meted to that little girl.
Yours etc…
Ansh Chowdhary
Delhi University