Cardiac healthcare in rural areas needs focus: Dr Sushil

HoD Cardiology GMC Dr Sushil Sharma examining patients at Billawar on Sunday.
HoD Cardiology GMC Dr Sushil Sharma examining patients at Billawar on Sunday.

Excelsior Correspondent
JAMMU, Oct 16: Focusing his remedy to undertake a holistic health version encompassing modern scientific development and traditional health know-how to incorporate the onset of cardiovascular sicknesses in rural areas, Dr Sushil Sharma, Head of Department of Cardiology GMCH along with his team reached at Hari Prabhu Sanstha Gujroo Nagrota area of Billawar and held a day long awareness cum health check camp.
More than 250 people were screened, evaluated, diagnosed and free medicines were given to the needy. Main aim was to spread the awareness regarding cardiac ailments in the rural population and to screen high risk individuals and advise them to refrain from sedentary lifestyle which is now becoming more common in rural population.
While interacting with the patients, Dr Sushil stated that the cardiovascular diseases are a leading cause of mortality among middle aged and older adults in India, with current prevalence estimates of 10-12% in urban and 4-5% in rural adults. It is now well known that conventional risk factors (smoking, hypertension, diabetes mellitus, obesity, dyslipidemia, unhealthy diet, and reduced physical activity) together account for more than 95% of population-attributable risk for CVD, and novel risk factors have only a small contribution to make .These risk factors, attributed to a set of life-style changes are prevalent both in urban and rural India.
He further elaborated that reducing high fat dairy, carbohydrates, saturated fats and increasing daily intake of fruit and vegetables will improve cardiac and overall health. “Aggressive screening tests beginning at an early age will be beneficial for early detection and treatment. Promoting healthy group exercise activities such as walking, yoga and meditation to be practised regularly will certainly aid in preventing the rising epidemic of Coronary artery disease. Hence, all efforts are required to be proactively taken to clearly understand the role of risk factors in the emerging epidemic and for their effective control. General screening for conventional risk factors right from younger age may increase awareness; help in promoting lifestyle changes which can prevent or slow atherogenesis. Finally, a healthy lifestyle, balanced diet and regular physical exercise should be instilled right from the beginning in childhood to check this epidemic. Promoting health education and awareness about the pathogenesis of CAD, discouraging smoking and tobacco use and adapting a healthy diet and exercise routine will promote better cardiovascular health”, he added.