Cardi B talks about perils of being famous

LOS ANGELES, May 5: Rapper Cardi B believes being famous is a double-edged sword and it is “definitely harder” to get used to it since people are quick to judge a person.

The 26-year-old musician told Entertainment Tonight that she still struggles to manage her new found celebrity status.

“It’s definitely harder, like, the more money the more problems the more people that think they know you. It just gets harder. Some people don’t understand the struggle and think it came easy for me, you know?” Cardi said.

The rapper said that she can sympathise with pop icons like Britney Spears who have also faced struggles in coming to terms with their fame.

“I totally understand why these artists go through what they go through, why they’re shaving their head. It’s just crazy! (But I’m going to) thug it out, because I’m already famous. I got no choice but to keep it going,” she added. (PTI)