Can’t disclose legal assistance offered to RAW agents: Govt

NEW DELHI : Government has refused to give details of rules and regulations regarding the extent of legal protection that is provided to officers and employees of the Research and Analysis Wing operatives abroad
The Cabinet Secretariat has refused to give these details under the Right to Information Act saying Research and Analysis Wing which functions under it is exempted from any disclosures under the law except allegations of human rights violations and corruption.
The issue becomes important in the light of Pakistan’s allegations that they have arrested a purported spy of RAW.
Ministry of External Affairs has refuted the allegations saying the arrested person has no links with the Indian Government.
“There is no information in public domain about what must be done if, heaven forbid, an Indian intelligence operative is murdered abroad.
“This is a concern that is very much valid even though it must not be taken as a comment on the latest incident of the apprehension of an Indian national in Pakistan,” RTI applicant Venkatesh Nayak told PTI.
Nayak categorically told RAW in his RTI application that he was not seeking details of the manner in which its officers involved in overseas intelligence operations are trained to protect themselves against legal or illegal action by law enforcement agencies in foreign countries. (AGENCIES)


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