Campaigner Talib Hussain accused of torturing wife for giving birth to girl child

Amit Katoch
Mansar, June 30:  Talib Hussain, who claimed himself to be a champion in the Kathua rape and murder case, has been accused by his wife of torturing her for giving birth to girl child.  She has filed a case against him. Talib Hussain has been accused  by his father in-law of fomenting communal tension in the area and disturbing the centuries old   relations  among Hindus and Muslims in Jammu region.

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Nusrat Begum wife of Talib Hussain  speaking to Excelsior alleged that she was repeatedly beaten by him  and also demanded Rs 10 lakh and threatened that if the money was not paid,  he would divorce her. Nusrat is now living with her father at Mansar.
”We were married in 2015 and the initial time we spend was normal but when I conceived first daughter who is now two and half year old  my husband started torturing and  putting pressure on me to demand money from my father Mohammed Tahil who is a father of five daughters. He used to physically assault me and the situation became more worse after we were blessed with a baby girl. Thereafter he completely denounced  my daughter and me demanding only divorce and Rs 10 lakh,”said Nusrat Begum wife of Talib Hussain while interacting with Excelsior News.
This self styled Gujjar Bakerwal leader Talib Hussain was associated with a movement for justice in Kathua rape-cum-murder case but it is a great irony that his wife and two daughters are running from pillar to post for getting justice.
”Talib Hussain is that person who pretends to be fighting for other daughters for their justice but wants divorce from his wife  for giving birth to  girl child. This is the real face of Talib Hussain to which the world is not familiar to. This discriminatory behaviour reflects “mental illness” and displays a mindset worse than people living of 18th century. He is such a cruel person that still upto this point he  had not seen the face of  his second daughter who is now one year old. If this man cannot give space, time, love and justice to his own daughters  then we can imagine that  how he would  fight and give justice to others daughters,” said Mohammad Tahil, father -in- law of Talib Hussain.
”Nusrat Begum was physically  assaulted by other family members  of Talib Hussain and even Talib’s elder brother had attempted to rape her. This was the limit now and we were left with no other  option but to approach the police,”said mother of Nusrat Begum.
The police has registered the case against Talib Hussain under different Sections and is investigating the matter.
”Talib Hussain is person who has a communal mind set and  wants to disturb the communal harmony of the State.He always in his speeches talks about Hindu-Muslim divide  to promote his communal agenda but we will never let it happen,”said Mohd Tahil, father of Nusrat Begum.