Caitlyn Jenner meets LGBT teens who criticised her

LOS ANGELES, May 7:  Caitlyn Jenner met with a group of LGBT teens in Brooklyn who criticized the former Olympian for not doing enough for transgender youth.
Students at the Academy for Young Writers in NYC were so outraged with Jenner, 66, that they pulled down a photo of the public figure moments before she walked through the school’s entrance for the surprise visit, reported Us magazine.
“Everyone’s patting her on the back like many people have not been transgender before her,” one student noted in a roundtable discussion recorded by The Times.
Another student added, “She’s privileged, and she doesn’t use her privilege to advocate for those who can’t speak for themselves.”
But the students sat with the “I Am Cait” star to hear her out and share their respective stories. (PTI)


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