Business Process Outsourcing units

It sounds quite encouraging that as a sequel to Prime Minister’s directives to equip each district of Jammu and Kashmir with one Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) unit, the Governor’s administration has set into motion the due process in this regard. Not only was the BPO unit loaded with creating and promoting employment opportunities but expected to making a turnaround in providing and promoting digital services on a large scale.
‘Excelsior’ had in early February this year, through these columns commented upon the utilities of such units, giving details as to how a successful experiment in Bandipora area of Kashmir, Prime Minister Narendra Modi had not only appreciated the effort but desired to have this pilot project started at the earliest in other 21 districts of the State. The idea should be underlined as Jammu and Kashmir State cannot afford to lag behind or remain unnoticed in the race with other states in reaping the benefits of the digital services delivery to the people. The project attains importance from the point of view of its potential of creating employment opportunities in each of the districts of the State. The concept of any innovative but promising project remains confined to files or books only unless that is translated into a reality for which on experimental basis, trials and practical initiatives are required to be taken. That is what happened in Bandipora Kashmir which was seen and appreciated by the Prime Minister, hence his instructions to have it in all the districts of the State which we would eagerly see being not only established at an early date but functional and result yielding as well.