Building Army Infra at Ladakh

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Last two years have been crucial as well as most import from Indian point of view as 30 month long standoff between Indian Army and PLA of China continues unabated. More serious is the observation of Chief of Army that China is building express highway parallel to LAC up to Aksai Chin and Tibet meaning quick forward movement of Chinese troops all across border in no time. India is fast catching up with Chinese infra as in last two years it has built twenty thousand troops modular, temperature controlled, relocatable structures along with technical storage capacity for 450 tanks and howitzers at high altitudes. Several more projects are in pipeline to neutralise this asymmetric imbalance with China. More interesting is the testing of ‘3D printing’ construction of permanent structures for defence which can withstand hits from tanks at short distances at IIT Gandhinagar. Capacity of military engineers have increased manifold with use of heavy excavators, spider excavators and crawler rock drill machines at higher altitudes. With all these equipment renewed focus is on more all weather tunnels for swift movement of men and machinery and for increasing capacity of ammunition dumps, fuel/food supplies and missile storages. Numerous road projects are also underway like all weather 365 days alternate connectivity to Ladakh through 298 km NHDL project which includes 4.1km twin tube Shinkun La tunnel for which more than 65 % work has been completed. The work on upgrading Darbuk-Shyok-Daulat Beg Oldi road is also underway. Construction of Advance Landing Grounds is also going on war footing along with construction of more helipads for making Ladakh areas all weather accessible. With more troops, drinking water capacity has to be augmented as such more ponds are being constructed. GoI is leaving nothing for speculation now, each and every requirement of armed forces is being taken care of in advance. India is prepared for any eventuality, all weather- all terrain, come what may.