Building an effective team

Arjun Singh Rathore

Talent hits a target no one else can hit; Genius hits a target no one else can see. If you don’t really have a dream, you can’t really push yourself; you don’t really know what the target is. Great things in business are never done by one person; they are done by a team of people.
Individual commitment to a group effort- that is what makes a team work, a company work, a society work, a civilization work. Finding good players is easy but getting them to play as a team is another story. Ultimately, leadership is not about glorious crowning acts, it’s about keeping your team focused on a goal and motivated to do their best to achieve it, especially when the stakes are high and the consequences really matter. It is about laying the ground work for other’s success, and then standing back and letting them shine. The temptation to take the easy road is always there. It is easy as staying in the bed in the morning and sleeping in. But discipline is paramount to ultimate success and victory for any leader and any team.
Sports teacher teaches you to understand the meaning of a team. You need to be able to work with everybody; you don’t have to be best friend. You can experience the fun of competition and driving toward a common goal without pushing to bond in some major way with each individual on a project. A lot of people, when a guy scores a lot of goals, think, ‘He is a great player’, because a goal is very important, but a great player is a player who can do everything on the field. He can do assists, encourage his colleagues, give them confidence to go forward. It is someone who, when a team does not do well, becomes one of the leaders. When a team takes ownership of it’s problems, the problem gets solved. It is true on the battlefield, it is true in business and it is true in life.
A successful film begins by choosing a director whose creative vision will define the choices made by everyone involved in the film. The producer, in effect, has to work as a translator. You form a very tight relationship with the director and writer from the beginning, and then you are constantly communicating to the various people that begin to come into the process, as you are trying to manage to hold on to a vision that needs to be communicated over a long period of time.
Teamwork requires some sacrifice up front; people who work in a team have to put the collective needs of the group ahead of their individual interests. It takes a lot of people to make a winning team. Everybody’s contribution is important. Talent wins game, but teamwork and intelligence wins championships. The speed of the boss is the speed of the team. Coming together is beginning, keeping together is progress and Working together is success. The strength of the team is each member and the strength of each member is the team.
Teamwork is essential for small business to take on new challenges and perform strategic tasks. Teams pull the knowledge and experience of a diverse group of employees together to accomplish a short term or ongoing task.
Teamwork is as much a science as it is an art, so
Establish leadership. If your employees trust your judgement, they will work effectively even when you are not around.
Establish relationships with each of your employees. Try to learn more about each member of your team, their skill sets, how they can be motivated and their likes and dislikes.
Build relationships between your employees. As your team starts to cooperate more, examine the way they work together and take steps to improve communication, cooperation and trust amongst the team.
Foster teamwork. Once you have established relations with and between your employees, it’s time to help them work together effectively. Encourage your team to share information, both amongst themselves and within the wider organisation.
Set ground rules for the team. Finally, you can begin officially establishing your team through creating team values and goals, as well as evaluating team performance alongside individual performance.
Team building is one of the most important responsibilities a manager has. It isn’t something that can be achieved in a short time and then forgotten. It is an ongoing organic process that you will have to facilitate and guide. As this process unfolds, however, your team members will begin to trust and support one another and share their skill sets and effort in order to more effectively complete your organisation’s goal.
(The author is Branch Head in J&K Bank
BU Patel Nagar Jammu)