BSF installs anti-fog devices to check infiltration in winter

JAMMU, Dec 27: BSF today said nearly 300 militants are waiting at the India-Pakistan border to infiltrate in the State and winter strategy has been made operational to avert such attempts.
“Winter scheme has been put in place along the border, by deployment of fog proof devices, to check infiltration,” said Rajeev Krishan, Inspector General (IG) of BSF.
“Approximately 45-60 militants are sitting across the International Border to infiltrate, there are more militants across Line of Control, about from 175 to 225,” the IG told a selected group of reporters of electronic channels here this evening.
BSF had only invited a selected group of media from TV Channels and ignored print media and agencies who had registered protest with the BSF authorities tonight.
Krishan said that winter strategy has been made operational along the entire border and all the sensitive points are being guarded (to check infiltration from across the border).
Referring to the thick blanket of fog prevailing in the region which can help militants to cross over to this side, Krishan said, “anti national elements can take benefit of the fog and they can try to come this side.”
“Keeping in view such a situation, available equipment with us and technical support is being used optimally,” he said, adding “our vulnerable and sensitive points, identified as one-and-half-dozen posts, have been declared sensitive and security has been prioritised and equipments are installed there.”
“We have certain equipments, which are fog proof and do not get affected from fog,” he said adding, “this has been installed at sensitive points”.
As per the intelligence reports of our agency and sister agencies, all the points, which are vulnerable have been covered, he said.
“I can reasonably presume that in winter season, pressue would be on the borders as compared to normal season… Foggy season would be more tough,” IG said.
Referring to the digging of 500-meter long tunnel into Indian territory from Pakistan in Samba sector, the IG said that BSF is still awaiting comprehensive report but vigilance have been increased in the area.
He said that several officials and teams are looking into the aspects of the tunnel, including technical inputs, habitate, quality of soil and sort inputs from Geological Survey of India (GSI) to see the places where it is possible to dig tunnels. (AGENCIES)


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