Bovine smuggling

The mance of bovine smuggling is increasing day after day. There is no check on it. The recent anger of people through demonstrations at several places in Jammu division is an eye opener for all of us. Increasing incidents of bovine smuggling shows total failure of police and administration in keeping a strict watch and check on the menace-There seems some sort of nexus within the administration otherwise the menace could have been stopped and controlled since long. But as things do not go well bovine smuggling is a contineous process in the major part of Jammu and outside. This process goes for slaughtering them, least taken into account the milk they provide for us.
Those who are found involved should be dealt strictly and punished as per law of the land. In the larger interest and welfare of the people Govt of our State should act as for as the sensitive situation is concerned in and around Jammu. It is a matter of faith too.
Yours etc….
S.N. Raina


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