BOSSES Great Force Multipliers

Paramjit Singh
BOSSES are a rare special brand of officers and are great force multipliers in shaping of Managers and Staff of their respective organisations , holding the organizational interests uppermost in their minds.Primarily with the sole aim of achieving a desired output and well knit teams.
Though these worthy officers constitute different class composition, different background, different shades of idiosyncrasies and philosophies of commands yet one thing which predominantly stands out is Organisational Spirit, which should be a common factor in business parlance amongst all the BOSSES.
Barring a few bosses who think otherwise, rest all strive hard and leave no stone unturned for furtherance of this well constituted and foolproof system tried over a number of years. Barring few type try to take the well constituted system for a ride or may be for a great jump. Such bosses are sadly mistaken and like minded should be advised to carry out an early introspection and self reappraisal and they should not forget that they are “BOSSES, The Pillars of Success” and certainly not the source of failure of a well established system.
The following guidelines for THE BOSSES (MD,CEO and Coo or Whatever) can contribute to a great extent in upholding the very high office efficiently (Generally referred to an Institution) and also all round development of their managers and other staff, the resultant of which will be a well trained, positive, popular and successful organisation :-
(a) Upgrade the system to a hard standing.
(b) Develop healthy relationship amongst all.
(c) Maximum interaction with officers and staff at all levels.
(d) Should afford impartial behaviour and approach.
(e) Avoid cribbing and negative criticism of Seniors/Juniors or the organization.
(f) Avoid the ” I & me” factor – a foul negative indicator of one’s personality.
(g) Avoid looking around for Support after making a point/statement. It is negative others may not have liked it. If you deserve a pat be rest assured you shall definitely get it but do not demand a pat.
(h) Avoid gaining cheap popularity.
(j) Avoid to try to prove that you are the best in everything there may be other adjudged “even better”. console yourself.
(k) Discipline is the backbone of all successful organisations and the Boss being a foundation stone of the organisation can cement and develop discipline provided he himself is disciplined.
(l) Avoid hullabaloo about yourself that you are a “GREAT GUY” . You may be so in your perception but wrong as per others.
(m) Mature with age, service and experience and not the other way round.
(n) Avoid throwing of weight around rather act with wisdom. And be diligent, magnanimous, mature and friendly but firm.
(o) Avoid proclaiming to people that you are “BOSS Know all” probably, it may be a misnomer. Others may be willing to speak out but are unwilling to do so to you so as to honour you as “THE BOSS, an Institution” a great pride for you. Is not it? so please behave.
Well minded, and meaningful ” BOSSES” even today would have the urge and yearning for their respective organisations doing well always and every where in all spheres even after they have retired. They invariably wish their “Elite Organisations “, “Good Shooting and God Speed in Surging ahead”.
Certain proportional comparative comparisons:-
(a) A well disciplined organisation is directly proportional to a competent and disciplined boss.
(b) A matured, balanced, professional and experienced BOSS’S approach towards unflinching dedication of work will always act as a catalyst in designing/developing an extremely disciplined organisation worth serving, deserving all the praise and above all a heavenly, healthier, harmonious and peaceful environment.
(c) The world is fast changing in the modern era, the human resources itself, man management and inter- related issues/techniques. Perse amidst such fast changing shades/scenarios a worthy Boss must be as honest as possible and place his own luxuries/comforts, perks and privileges at a little lower platform than vice-versa.
It is hoped that this message is clear and is driven home in the right spirit befitting a spirited boss. The aim is not to find faults with the BOSSES or with the system. The key routine area and thrust area is to improve the boss and the system, rather than bragging unwantedly/unnecessarily about it.
Do not show off and try to prove that the other man is useless. Had it been so he would not have been what he is today. Give a chance to your worthy compatriots and seniors to judge to you as “THE BEST” if you are in that plane. We all know that even a bad cloud has a silver lining in it. Do not act as individuals, take the herd along. Your first thrust area should be the organization i.e. the elite “Organisation you Work with” and not you as an individual. Your “I,me and my” factors should be your organisation and nothing else.
The Organisation constitutes as a basic fighting force to perform and achieve a desired output. So, spend your time in fruitfully shaping your organisation as a whole, bringing it up by upholding organizational interests uppermost.
A worthy & disciplined BOSS-worthy and disciplined
Well disciplined organisations-well disciplined business nation whose contribution is it anyway?
The author is Colonel (Retd)