Border polling stations

This has reference to the news item ‘All border polling stations to be shifted for smooth voting’ DE Nov 1. The administration deserves to be appreciated for taking this important step. The border people, who have been suffering for no fault of theirs, will atleast be relaxed, and can exercise their right to  franchise in violence free atmosphere.
It is also time the various political parties can take cognizance of the problems these people face, and find a permanent solution to their rehabilitation. They need to be settled at places which are safe, and where they can cultivate lands and have sources of livelihood.
Besides, it will certainly frustrate nefarious designs of Pakistan to thwart polling process in  these areas. Pakistan is bent on creating disturbances in the State during elections. It does not want to see people of the State participating in democratic process, and elect a Government of their own as it would be a snub to its policy makers.
Yours etc…
Sumit Sharma


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