Boost to Jammu tourism

For some time in the past, and rightly, Jammu region was feeling disgruntled that it was not brought on the tourist map of the State and the country despite the fact that there are many spots which could be developed from tourist point of view. But the Union Ministry of Tourism has seriously considered the recommendation of the State Department of Tourism and given nod to the development of five tourist spots in Jammu region. These projects include restoration of historic artificial waterfalls at Chiryai Muthal near Katra, Multimedia Light and Sound projects at Bagh-e-Bahu in Jammu and Katra town, Children Park at Jasrota near Kathua and infrastructure development at scenic meadows in Lal Draman near Doda. A sum of 25 crore rupees has been sanctioned for the five projects making it 5 crore for each. While four projects have received formal sanction the fifth is about to be cleared in days. With this initial success, the Tourist Department is expected to begin the work of developing these spots without any delay. Actually, the roadmap for development of these spots has already been prepared by the Union Ministry of Tourism and passed on to the State Government.
This decision of the Union Government is bound to bring happiness and satisfaction to the people of Jammu region as it means boosting the economy. It vindicates our contention that there are tourist spots in Jammu region which when developed would certainly attract a large number of tourists. Incidentally the five spots sanctioned by the Union Ministry of Tourism are not connected with the shrine-tourism but these are exclusively secular spots with good recreational potential. All that we expect from the Government and the Tourism Department is that the development should be decent, attractive and of high standard. All pre-requisites of a tourist spot like huts, catering services, bank facility, and connectivity should of high category as that is the key of tourist industry to grow and flourish.


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