Bonsai Beauty

Ashok Gupta
Bonsai is theJapanese art of growing and training miniature trees in pots developed from traditional Chinese art of Penjing (Is the ancient Chinese art of depicting artistically formed trees,and other plants and landscape in miniature). Bonsai is a Japanese term which literally means to preserve a big plant/tree in a smaller container/pot. In Europe and different developed countries of the world to have this plant is a status symbol.During my visit to Australia,Italy,Switzerland and Paris every good hotel, restaurant and home display at least one or two Bonsai. In India also, big corporate houses present their gifts along with Bonsai. This I personally saw during one of the functions in a flower show of Calcutta.
Now, in Northern India including Jammu people specially ask for Bonsai and I am marketing these plants for the last so many years and even the Bonsai grown by me are being taken/ transported to Delhi by some of my clients. With ever growing interest in Bonsai a good/presentable Bonsai workshop and Bonsai exhibition are being organised in different parts of India.A few years back I also participated in one of the Bonsai workshop in Hyderabad and now in December one day workshops will be organised in Delhi with title “Art of Bonsai”. Bonsai can be grown through various methods :-
From seeds:- In this instant era of 2 minutes maggi world, this method takes a minimum 10 years to make a reasonable Bonsai,so this method to make Bonsais is very rare.
From cuttings:- The best and easy method now a days to raise a plants by cutting and growing it at least five years in a big pot and after that during spring season you can train into a small and desired pot,after few days of establishing you can train into the desired shape and requirement. Professional growers are following this method. Best plants which can be styled in Bonsai are. Ficus varieties (retusa ,microcapa ,weeping fig,indian banyan,vireos etc) Juniperus (Rickey mountain juniper,Chinese juniper juniper converts, cedar, Juniperus pinging). Jade, Tamarind, rain trees, Hawriiian umbrella (schefflera), Maple, Bay leaf, Magnolia and even fruit plants.
Bonsai should be repotted,trained after a gap every three to years to remove excess roots and to add required nutrients and this should be done in the spring and on typical day when you have sufficient time. To maintain a Bonsai is not just to maintain a plant it is the way of life.
Watering and positioning:-Check soil daily and water when it appears dry,position your Bonsai in a plenty of sunlight and away from direct heat.
Soil and fertilising:-Mix large particles such as volcano rocks and stones to improve drainage. Bonsai can be used as an art therapy tool during psychodynamic,therapeutic interventions, maintenance of good mental health and depicts how love is simplified and reduced,confined so that one can give to others and enjoy little things. I am raising/growing Bonsai and marketing them for the last so many years after my superannuation and working as Director Floriculture Jammu and raised number of Bonsai’s and marketing in Jammu and parcelling them to other parts of country. These plants are raised in my terrace garden. I also grow different medicinal plants like Insulin. Ashavgandha, Morringa (super food) and other medicinal and rare plants.