Bonanza of power projects for Ladakh

A cluster of hydro electric and solar power projects with intent to ensure production of power in ‘profusion’ in the Union Territory of Ladakh, at a cost of Rs.50000 crores, was going to be completed in a record period of four years which only reiterates the commitment of the Central Government to see an economic turnaround of Ladakh. In fact, a sort of autonomy in matters of having benefits accrued to this otherwise comparatively neglected region of the erstwhile state of Jammu and Kashmir, was going to be both felt and exercised by the people here. That the Union Home Minister made this important decision of the Government fairly known, proves that the difficulties faced by the people during long winter months when the region reels under sub-zero temperatures, were fully realised with all seriousness by the Government to devise policies and for tailoring different viable schemes.
It must look soothing to ears and a feast to eyes to read and watch that 7500 MW power was going to be produced all by 2023 in the region and it could be imagined that during the currency of the projects under construction, how much employment avenues shall get opened up not only right at the core projects but for the ancillary endowments supplying different inputs , material , equipment and the like to these projects. Since the problem of unemployment which is universal and not confined to some selected parts of the country only , such infrastructural projects not only provide solutions by creating periodic employment avenues but post completion , many hands get work and avenues to earn livelihood on a regular basis.
Prime Minister’s development package of Rs.80000 crore plus, announced for the entire state of Jammu and Kashmir four years back , say in November 2015 had many projects to be covered there – under in Ladakh region and it was observed that the work on most of them was going at snail’s pace about which ‘Excelsior’, through these columns , brought the same into the attention of the administration which , however, with Ladakh becoming a union territory shall not only get expedited but new power projects shall result in fast development of the vast area of Ladakh. Srinagar Leh transmission line for distribution of power, 14 solar projects for Leh and Kargil, Ladakh University, new tourist circuits and tracks for tourists are a few developmental steps taken by the NDA Government headed by Narendra Modi for Ladakh , Leh and Kargil which shall go a long way in bringing about much desired results in this region, marching ahead on the road of progress.
Let there be no mincing of words that the ongoing Pakistan sponsored militancy in Jammu and Kashmir especially in Kashmir valley for more than three decades, did cast its evil shadow on the pace of development, engulfing all the three regions of the erstwhile State. However, the fact remains that all the Central Governments during the period, especially the NDA Government, laid stress on development picking its speed along with fighting ongoing militancy. However, the fact remains that with Ladakh becoming a separate Union Territory directly administered by the Central Government, of course through the Lieutenant Governor as an administrator, there will no longer be any adverse impact on projects like delays etc generally experienced before. In fact, Ladakh region will be hopefully getting an enhanced budget which will pave the way for speedy and even development of this hitherto neglected region. Besides, newly introduced provisions of local taxation was going to augment its financial resources. As the Union Home Minister rightly hoped that Leh- Ladakh Region was on fast anvil to be at par with rest of the country.