Blocking channels from Pakistan

Not only open hostilities and acts of aggression,Pakistan right from its inception has been pursuing against India but lavishly has been using a detesting tool of spreading canards, misinformation, hate , religious fanaticism and bigotry, fake news and derogatory comments and puns on social , cultural and religious events of this country . It is not feeling ashamed of inciting communal hatred by referring to the religious minorities in this country even though they are enjoying all constitutional benefits and guarantees enjoyed by each and every Indian citizen as against continuous persecution and forcible conversion of its religious minorities since its birth.
Various websites and channels, therefore, which have the sole purpose of ”destabilising” India and spreading mistrust and hatred between different sections of the people here, have been identified and blocked. These hostile channels are numbering 20. The Government, as such, in having issued orders for such channels telecast / shown through You tube and two other news websites for blocking them by denying internet facilities through identified service providers has taken the right action in the right direction. The decision to this effect should have been taken much earlier , however, even now it deserves to be appreciated. Malicious propaganda and material is used in context of Kashmir, Indian Army, Ram Mandir and even Gen. Bipin Rawat all aimed at spreading misinformation and perverted versions. Interfering in internal affairs of the country and viciously indulging in reporting on farmers’ agitation, Citizenship amendment Act etc to incite and provoke minorities of India has been the agenda of Pakistan.
With blocking of these channels, the desired message would go in a two pronged manner. One to Pakistan and two- to those who feel interested in surfing and navigating such channels that if hate and misinformation cannot and should not be traded in a reciprocal measure, at least it could be stopped to reach us through the internet mode. Last year, few channels of China another hostile neighbour, too were blocked.