Black day

This is with reference to Editorial ‘A Black Day in Kashmir” (DE 13 July). I must congratulate the writer for giving the true story about the history of 13 July now observed as Martyrs’ Day by J&K Government. It was a black day indeed.
Historians and scholars writing on contemporary Kashmir are dismally misled by deliberately distorted history of Kashmir. They should try to  go deep into the facts and analyse these like honest researchers.
Had Indian political leaders including stalwarts like Nehru tried to understand the true history of Kashmir, including the Sheikh-led anti-Dogra rule movement,  they would never have committed the Himalayan blunders which are bleeding the Indian nation today and ultimately led to wholesale ethnic cleansing of Kashmir in of its Pandit population in 1990.
Yours etc…
K.N. Pandita , Jammu


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