Artificial mourning and natural ambivalence

B L Saraf
It is after the gap of 17 years that we had a terror attack on Amarnath Yatra. The July 10th   militant attack on Amarnath Yatris in Anantnag has caused death of seven pilgrims and injuries to a dozen of them. The dastardly act has, as expected, evoked widespread outrage across the country.  Jammu and Kashmir didn’t lag behind in experiencing the outrage.  The murderous attack has been condemned in Kashmir by all shades of the people. However, true to the pattern, even in condemnation we have had hints of a diabolical game being played out.
In nearly three decades  history of Pak sponsored armed militancy  we have seen that whenever the armed militancy came under pressure and was about to ebb out, the over ground sympathizers , masquerading as civil society members, came from everywhere to blow a new life in it: by intellectualization of the campaign  of death and destruction . When the hard power  was  shown a place the peddlers of soft militancy- in the name of ‘  concerned citizens  ‘ and ‘ human right activists ‘ came to its rescue by romanticizing  the terrorism- equating it with  a  struggle for fulfillment of the ‘ aspirations ‘ . They exploited 2008 Amarnath land row, issue of settlement of Pandits and creation of colonies for Kashmiri ex- servicemen and kept the flag of death and mayhem flying.  Sometimes more than known separatists , it were their covert supporters in civil service  and academia  who , for reasons of assumed intellectual  sufficiency, fell  impelled to bestow content to the deadly game  .  At the same time managed to keep   bread buttered on the other side by aligning with the state forces.
It is no doubt reassuring the attack was condemned by the Kashmirs of every shade. But then there are certain elements to whom the   ambivalence comes naturally.  They are bent upon to qualify the condemnation by bringing in the ‘ conspiracy  theories ‘  and parallel of Chattisinghpora massacre to create a confusion in the minds of gullible Kashmiris  about the reality and  thereby provide an  escape route  to  the perpetrators of the crime – the terrorists .  To these ‘ artificial mourners ‘ it is the Indian state and the local government who rain bullets on their citizens – no matter they happen to be the peaceful Yatris . This ‘ Self Destruction ‘ narrative was  attempted in case of Parliament attack and killings of Sikhs in Chattisinghpora . Well, there were few takers of the diabolical narrative then, as no one will take it even now, generally. But then some   sympathizers with receptive ears will always  be available here , as well as ,  in Pakistan.
A hunt for the alibis has begun to bail out the perpetrators of the crime. So we hear  ; why the bus was plying beyond 7 PM ;  why was it not registered with AN Shrine Board ; how was it able to cross so many security barricaders  en route Baltal to Botango Anantnag  where it fell victim to the attack . And that the occurrence should be investigated by an ‘ impartial agency ,’ But the apologists of the terrorist will be disheartened  to realize that they have failed to make an  impression . In its editorial comment of 12th instant, the D .E has aptly nailed the theory of alibi put forward by these interested elements:
“There are no buyers of the theory that the security cover is withdrawn on the pilgrim caravan. Does it mean that after 7 PM the entire stretch of the National Highway passing through Anantnag district is controlled by the terrorists and that no security will be provided to people travelling beyond the specific hours …..”
We live in an environment that is committed to the subterfuge and conducive to the double speak and artificial mourning. No doubt the State had its share of blame in this creation but real promoters are those who happen to be the sole beneficiaries of this dubious enterprise. They are the enemies of the state who thrive on the malignant ambivalence.
It is desirable to hold investigation on the occurrence to find what went wrong so that the lapse can be plugged, for the smooth run of the remainder of Yatra period. But not so by the ‘impartial investigators’   as separatists want.
In reaction to the dastardly act, Home Minister Rajnath Singh rose like a real statesman and successfully calmed the   passions of the outraged nation which the attack was meant or likely to raise. He  was quick to rebut the on line troll and  asserted “that he has full faith in Kashmiriyat, that all Kashmiris were not terrorists  and it was his duty to ensure peace and tranquility in all parts of the country .”  It signaled a message that there should be no spillover of the emotions in the mainland, in general, and Jammu division, in particular. The statement, certainly, had the desired result. Apart from that, the statement has gladdened hearts of so many Kashmiris who expect GOI to reach out to the vast majority of the peace loving residents of J &K for resolution of the issue.
(The author is former Principal District & Sessions Judge )


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