BJP Trying To Revive NDA As Winning In 2024 Will Not Be Easy: Omar

BJP Trying To Revive NDA As Winning In 2024 Will Not Be Easy: Omar
SRINAGAR, July 11:  The BJP is trying to revive the National Democratic Alliance (NDA) ahead of the 2024 general election as winning the polls will not be as easy as it wants to project, National Conference (NC) leader Omar Abdullah claimed here on Tuesday.
  The former Jammu and Kashmir chief minister alleged that in the last 5-8 years, the BJP “did not honour friendship” with its allies anywhere but is now seeking rapprochement “out of compulsion”.
On the issue of a Uniform Civil Code, Abdullah said it is the BJP’s right to raise its agenda.
He said the NC does not support the BJP’s agenda but if such a statute is implemented, there should not be any exemption for any community, not even tribals.
“I think our focus should be on the way the BJP is trying to revive the NDA. This is proof that the BJP feels that the ground is not in its favour,” Abdullah told reporters here while replying to queries on the party raising “core” issues like UCC.
“One by one, its friends left. Their oldest friends like Shiv Sena or Akali Dal or other parties. So, what has changed is that it has become the BJP’s compulsion that it is again offering the hand of friendship, that they are trying to revive the NDA,” the NC vice president said.
He said in Andhra Pradesh, the BJP is talking to Chandrababu Naidu’s TDP and in Punjab attempts are being made to get Akali Dal back.
“They are talking to Shiv Sena in Maharashtra. So, let us leave the BJP’s core agenda, the ground which the BJP says is in their favour, the reality is that 2024 (polls) will not be as easy for them as they want to portray to the people through you (media),” Abdullah added.
On the BJP raking up the plans to implement the Uniform Civil Code (UCC), the former Jammu and Kashmir chief minister said, “Every political party has the right to place its agenda before the people and seek votes.
“We have done it, other political parties have done it as well. It is another matter that we do not personally like the BJP’s agenda.
“But, it is their democratic right and I do not have any objection that they are placing their agenda before the people. Let them do it, then we will see to it,” he said.
Abdullah said there was no proposal yet about the UCC, so there was nothing to oppose or support.
“I should have something first like a document or a proposal. Since there is no proposal yet, we are only talking in the air. Let the proposal come, let it be presented in the Parliament, then if there is something which is against a community, we will oppose it. But, what will we oppose when there is no proposal?
“It is the media which is discussing it. Prime Minister Narendra Modi perhaps talked about the UCC in one of his speeches, saying this should happen. But, there is no agenda, no proposal. Yes, it is the agenda of the BJP, and we do not support the BJP’s agenda,” he said.
He, however, said if there is UCC, it has to be uniform and for everyone.
“Uniform means uniform for everybody. If you are taking out the rest one by one, then what does it mean? That it is only for one community? Is it that it is for changing the personal laws of Muslims only?
“If it is uniform, then it should be applied to all. If you give exemption to anyone – be it Christians or Dalits or Tribals or Sikhs – then it is obvious that the Muslims not only will seek an exemption but will achieve the exemption as well,” he said.
To a question on whether the NC would attend the upcoming meeting of the opposition parties in Bengaluru on July 17, Abdullah said the party has the intention to go to the meeting.
On the issue of a split within NCP, Abdullah said the process has been going on and will continue.
“One party has broken, and it is not for the first time. The parties have been broken before this as well. The Congress was broken in MP. Was an opposition meeting needed for that? This process has been going on and will continue,” he said.
He, however, said he does not think the split would make NCP chief Sharad Pawar weak politically.
“In fact, I think he has become stronger, especially the way statements by Ajit Pawar came like on Sharad Pawar’s age, saying he should have retired before.
“I think the people of Maharashtra would not have liked this. The results will come when the people will get an opportunity to vote,” he said. (Agencies)