In BJP-rule, 84 PG seats for Kashmir, 24 for Jammu: Harsh

NPP chairman Harsh Dev Singh addressing press conference in Jammu.
NPP chairman Harsh Dev Singh addressing press conference in Jammu.

Excelsior Correspondent
JAMMU, Mar 8:  Accusing the BJP-PDP combine of administering yet another obnoxious doze of hostile discrimination to Jammu region in the matter of allocation of PG seats in Govt Medical Colleges of the State, NPP chairman and former Minister Harsh Dev Singh said that the BJP had once again proved that it could make any compromise for the sake of power.
Talking to media-persons here today, Singh said that the BJP Ministers who had announced to undo the highly biased allocation of PG seats in 2016 wherein 57 seats had gone to GMC Srinagar as against 13 seats for Jammu, had once again betrayed the sentiments of Jammu youth only to appease the Kashmir centric forces.
He said that allocation of 15 seats for GMC Jammu as compared to 27 seats for Kashmir Medical College in the recent notification is being seen as yet another act of betrayal and subterfuge. Seeking a review of the highly irregular and biased distribution of PG seats, Singh regretted that in the deptt headed by BJP Ministers during the last three years, Jammu region had got merely 28 seats for GMC Jammu as against 84 seats allocated for Kashmir GMC.
Calling upon the BJP Ministers to do some self-introspection, Singh said that Jammu region had been most despicably neglected in almost all deptts including those held by saffron Ministers.  Not only in allotment of development funds or allocation of seats but Jammu had been subjected to highly biased and prejudicial treatment in the matter of employment as well. Quoting the region-wise selections of consultants made in 2016-17 in H&ME Deptt, Singh pointed out that out of 123 such selections in Radiology, Medicine, Opthomology, ENT, Orthopaedics, Gynaecology, Pathology and Paediatrics merely 23 related to Jammu region. Likewise,  huge backdoor appointments had reportedly been made in Kashmir region in H&ME Deptt besides several reported cases of out of turn promotions having been accorded there to blue eyed favourites.
With 25 MLAs, 3 MPs and a dozen of Ministers, the BJP had done to Jammu what none else could do in the history of the State, maintained Harsh. In their desperation to cling on to power, the BJP had not only surrendered the nominal share of Jammu but bartered away even the remnants of their conscience to their valley based masters, Singh rued.


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