BJP-PDP has lost moral authority to rule: NPP

NPP chairman, Harsh Dev Singh addressing press conference in Jammu on Tuesday.
NPP chairman, Harsh Dev Singh addressing press conference in Jammu on Tuesday.

Excelsior Correspondent

JAMMU, Nov 7:  Seeking the resignation of the Coalition Govt for having lost the confidence of the people,  Chairman of  JKNPP Harsh Dev Singh today said that BJP-PDP had lost the moral authority to continue in office.
He said that unprecedented protests and demonstrations held by various social and political organizations besides the civil society yesterday on the opening of secretariat in Jammu amply suggested that it had lost its authority and legitimacy to rule. Singh said that a Govt does not run on its strength inside the Legislature but on the strength of the confidence which people repose in it and the present Govt had miserably lost the confidence of the public.
Talking to media-persons here today alongwith State president of the party  Balwant Singh Mankotia and State president Young Panthers,  Yash Paul Kundal, the Singh said that Nov 6, 2017 became a red letter day in the history of Jammu’s fight for justice when people of diverse shades of opinions and cutting across party lines came on the streets to oppose the bias perpetuated against the Dogra land. He said that it was a rare occasion when diverse organizations, irrespective of their political, social, religious faiths and affiliations came on the roads with a common objective.
NPP leader said that huge crowds in rallies symbolized the public anger, contempt and revulsion against the coalition’s misrule and particularly against the mandated leaders who had betrayed the faith and aspirations of their electorates. Describing the peoples’ involvement in the yesterday’s protest demonstrations as an eye-opener for the Govt particularly the BJP, Harsh Dev said the message was loud and clear that no more of discrimination or differential treatment to Jammu Pradesh was acceptable.
Mankotia and Kundal while lauding the public support during  rally complimented the people of Jammu for their mega show and for ultimately recognizing the fact of Jammu’s deprivation and neglect at the hands of an all powerful Kashmiri leadership.


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