BJP has miserably failed to deliver on ground, alleges Farooq

BUDGAM: Alleging that Narendra Modi led BJP government has miserably failed to deliver on the promises it made during the election campaign of 2014, National Conference (NC) President Farooq Abdullah on Wednesday said that ‘a failed government and a failed Prime Minister needs to be shown the door’.

“Democracy is a humbling experience and that people of the country are seeking answers from PM Modi on issues of price rise and unemployment,” Dr Abdullah, who is the Lok Sabha candidate for NC from Srinagar constituency, said while addressing a rally in Mujahid Manzil, Budgam.

“During Mr Modi’s stint as chief minister of Gujarat he used to mock the previous Government on these issues but now what has he done? The people of country especially our mothers and sisters across the country are finding it very difficult to run their households in view of soaring prices. Mr Modi had promised to deliver on various issues concerning the nation during his 2014 election campaign but he has aggravated the problems to an extent that will take decades to solve,” he said. (AGENCIES)