BJP ended decades’ long discrimination, injustice with Jammu: Dr Jitendra

  • ‘PM’s word on restoration of Statehood final’

Avtar Bhat
JAMMU, Apr 21: Union Minister and BJP candidate from Udhampur-Doda Parliamentary constituency Dr Jitendra Singh today said that his party Government ended decades’ old discrimination and injustice with Jammu region and asserted that Modi Government is committed to restore Statehood and hold Assembly elections in J&K.

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Talking to NDTV at New Delhi today, Dr Jitendra Singh allayed fears about the delaying tactics being adopted by Modi Government in restoring Statehood to J&K and holding of early Assembly poll. He alleged that some political parties are spreading canards in this regard and “we need not to add anything to what Prime Minster Narendra Modi said in this regard during a rally at Udhampur recently.”
Dr Jitendra Singh said that some opposition parties are habitual of creating a false narrative in this regard which must be set to rest after the assurance given by the PM. He said the Government has also given a statement on the floor of the Lok Sabha that the Statehood will be restored to J&K.
Dr Jitendra Singh while unfolding his future plans for his constituency for next five years said he will make it the part of India’s success story of becoming third global economy.
He said that during campaigning in his constituency recently, he saw that common people were enthusiastic to participate in elections and cast their vote to endorse the policies and programmes of Narendra Modi Government so that the National Democratic Alliance (NDA) gets over 400 seats.
Citing an example, he said during his campaigning a retired teacher who has nothing to do with politics asked me “Are your activists fully involved in campaigning to ensure that Narendra Modi gets over 400 Lok Sabha seats this time.” Earlier, party was asking people to give us majority to form the Government and now the situation is quite different as the people ask us to accomplish the target of getting over 400 seats. This is the Charisma of Narendra Modi’s leadership”.
Dr Jitendra Singh said such a love of people for Narendra Modi is that his welfare schemes for common masses have touched the hearts of the people all over the country.
Reiterating that Modi Government ended the age old discrimination to which Jammu region was subjected, Dr Jitendra Singh said that people living on International Border right from Kathua to Akhoor were deprived of four percent reservation as was given to people living along Line of Control because IB people do not constitute the vote bank of dynastic parties. But soon coming to power this injustice was done away with by Modi Government, he added.
Maintaining that the chances of BJP are bright in this election too despite four percent less polling this time in comparison to 2019 Lok Sabha poll, Dr Jitendra Singh said “we had a target of 75 percent polling this time but the main reason for this was the heavy downpour on the polling day as some voters could not reach the polling booths in time and had to return without casting their vote”. However, he said the people were having great enthusiasm to cast their vote to see that Narendra Modi forms the Government again.
He said entire nation is united on name of Modi and he is the first Prime Minister who tied the people of all regions of the country into one string.
In response to a question that National Conference (NC) working president, Omar Abdullah has said that they have no contest with BJP as the party has not fielded candidates in Kashmir, Dr Jitendra Singh said unlike NC, BJP is not a dynastic party which takes decisions on table or kitchen.
“It is a cadre based party which works in a strategic way where decisions are taken in a democratic and transparent manner keeping the larger national interests in view. Such statements are being made by those parties whose mindset is different’, he added.
On growing unemployment, Dr Jitendra Singh said that no Government in whole world can give Government job to every youth, but Modi Government is committed to create job avenues for youth of the country. In this regard, he gave example of Startups started by Modi Government and said their number has risen from 350 in 2014 to 1.50 lakh at present. Likewise other Yojnas including Vishwakarma Yojna and various others like Agri startups and bio startups are opening employment opportunities for the youth. He said India is fifth bio manufacturing country in the world now and credit for it goes to Modi Government.
Hitting out at Opposition parties for their opt- repeated statements that they are trying to save democracy, Dr Jitendra Singh said the common masses are very aware and conscious as they know that those who are crying to save democracy are actually trying to save their dynastic rule.
He said what democracy they are talking about as they could not hold the District Development Committee elections for decades in the erstwhile State of J&K and failed to implement 73rd and 74th Constitutional amendments in J&K though the same was passed by Rajiv Gandhi Government at Centre. Now they were trying to create their own narrative which fitted their dynastic politics, he added.
In response to a question that Opposition says that BJP is also promoting dynastic politics, Dr Jitendra Singh said in BJP every activist having the talent and capability whether he is relative of any politician or has come from a humble background is given a chance to grow. Unlike dynastic parties, the Prime Ministerial candidate is not decided even when he is in the womb of his mother.
In response to another question that Congress leader Priyanka Gandhi says that for last three decades there is no Prime Minister from their family, he said it is the problem with that dynasty. They tried to sideline Pranab Mukherjee and other leaders for the obvious reasons.