BJP Disciplinary panel recommends strict action against Gagan

Nishikant Khajuria
JAMMU, July 26: The State BJP Disciplinary Committee has recommended suspension of MLA R S  Pura, Gagan Bhagat  from the party for a period of three months with an ultimatum to settle his family dispute within the stipulated time or face expulsion.
The Disciplinary Committee, headed by State BJP chief spokesperson Sunil Sethi as its Chairman and  N D Rajwal along with  Virinderjeet Singh as its members, has further recommended to restrain Gagan Bhagat from holding any official position in the party for a period of one year.
The Disciplinary Committee was formed after some objectionable pictures of  MLA Gagan Bhagat went viral on social media with a girl following which his wife raised her voice and also filed a case in the court of law.
“Within suspension period of three months, Gagan Bhagat be given direction to settle all disputes to the satisfaction of the complainant parties. If he fails to resolve all disputes to the satisfaction of all complaining parties within period granting, he be expelled from party, to not only do the justice to parties but also send message to all members of party that indiscipline in the party will not be tolerated and members of the party have to keep their image clean in public,” proposes the report, submitted to the State BJP president Ravinder Raina for further action.
The reports further said that Gagan  Bhagat be informed about his right of appeal in case State president choose to inflict punishment.
According to the sources in BJP circles, the State president is likely to accept  recommendations of the Disciplinary Committee and restrain Gagan Bhagat from holding any official position in the party for a period of one year besides his immediate suspension for three months.
It may be recalled that the case of alleged moral corruption by the BJP MLA was handed over to the party Disciplinary Committee after some objectionable pictures of Gagan Bhagat with a girl had gone viral on social media last month.
Soon after the pictures went viral, family members of the girl held strong protest demonstration against the BJP MLA. Father of the girl, an Ex-serviceman, alleged that his daughter was kidnapped by Gagan Bhagat.
Even as these allegations were quickly refuted by the said girl, who claimed that she was being forced by her family to marry against her will and the MLA was being targeted for political reasons, wife of Gagan Bhagat also came forward raising voice against her husband.
Before the Disciplinary Committee, which  took serious note of the party MLA’s behaviour, Gagan Bhagat had claimed that  his relations with wife were strange and they had already filed a petition for divorce.
However, the committee took serious note of behaviour of the MLA holding important representative position.
Gagan Bhagat was already warned that if allegations against him were  proven,  an appropriate action would be taken in the matter.
The Disciplinary Committee earlier held its meetings on July 4 and July 12, during which both Gagan Bhagat and his wife were given a hearing to explain their position with regard to the controversy.
The Disciplinary Committee had also asked the members of public and the concerned parties to produce any evidence or proof on the issue before it.