Bird flu scare

At a time when Covid-19 Pandemic is still hovering, Bird flu fear has stepped in and around the country. As is reported over 12000 birds have been found dead across India. Spread of influenza has been reported among the several states of the country. The states that are effected so far are UP, Kerala, Rajasthan, MP, HP Harayana and Gujarat. In Delhi ban on import of live Birds has been placed and at the same time closure of Poultry market announced. The Central Govt has issued proper guidelines with regard to bird flu and it is pertinent to mention here that states must follow suit. Some states and Union Territories have raised rapid response teams in every district to contain the spread of bird flu. Surveillance in the spread of bird flue stands now. For the safety of the people in the present situation of monstrous Covid-19 Pandemic District Magistrates have to play an important role in monitoring and awaring the people with regard to bird flu scare. Migratory birds which sustain in wet lands need to be kept under vigilance.
It has been reported that several migratory birds have been found dead in J&K UT wetlands. The agencies viz-a-viz wild life and veterinary experts have to conduct proper and prompt surveys in all bird markets, wildlife places and also wetlands across the country. Bird flu scare if not nipped in the bud it will add fuel to the fire because people are now intimidated.
S N Raina