Bill and criminals

Refer news item ‘Bill to keep criminals away from polls’ DE Nov 11.
There will be no great service to this nation than keeping the criminal elements away from the portals of Parliament. The presence of parliamentarians in politics has lowered the image of the statue making body. It is quite shocking to note that there is a good percentage of  MPs who have a criminal background and it is these elements who are deciding the future of the country.
If  governance has to improve in India, it is essential that we have people who have a clean image, are honest and competentat the helm of affairs. India is passing through a critical stage at this hour. Economy is down, employment is nowhere, crime rate is increasing, terrorism and naxalism is spreading rapidly and external forces are hell bent upon creating disturbances in the country. In such a gloomy scenario, it is essential that the country is represented by people who really have potential to take this country and out of  present  mess.
In this context, it is essential that a bill which prevents criminal elements from fighting elections is brought into existence.
Yours etc….
Suresh Salathia


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