Bifurcation of J&K

The Govt needs to be commended for the bold move of abrogating Article 370 and the bifurcation of the J& K state inspite of the corrupt and self serving local politicians continuing to instigate and mislead the poor and helpless local population of Kashmir.
This great and momentous policy has nothing to do with religion as the local dynast politicians will make it out to be to mislead the poor and helpless people, and will go a long way in bringing peace,and prosperity with efficient ,transparent and effective administration in a state which has suffered immensely due to a few political families siphoning of public funds thereby accumulating huge wealth but hardly any or negligible economic opportunities to the people at large.
Bifurcation is a good political move which will provide equal opportunities to all political parties to seek maximum seats and form govt instead of the only two dynastic parties as has been the case since last several decades.They naturally then thought that the state was their private property and indulged in massive loot.
Security operations will now be more successful as the separatists will now be under check and devoid of hawala funds to lure the gullible local youths into terrorist activities. But the new administration will have to be on its toes as all the local leaders of Kashmir who earlier fought amongst themselves will now unite to create problems for the new administration as their shops have now been shut and they find themselves irrelevant in the new scheme of things.There is therefore a dire need to keep these elements under surveillance till the new administration is put in place and fully functional.
How long the euphoria of this momentous decision lasts among a large section of the population will depend on how efficiently, transparently and effectively the new administration functions to make life easier for the people, as earlier even for petty requirements like getting ration cards,votercards,admissions and jobs required running after corrupt babus who were only interested in their share of the meat.
The new administration will have to ensure that the local population feels the positive difference in the new scheme of things and whole heartedly cooperates with the new administration.
The economic scene for the local population will definitely be bright as with the removal of the corrupt local dynast leaders the central funds will hopefully flow to the people leading to greater developmental activities and job creation.
State sponsored terrorism in Kashmir by Pakistan is of course likely to continue for some time but hopefully with the local dynast leaders and separatists in check and flow of hawala funds to them drying up and greater developmental activity local support to these Pakistan sponsored terroristswill eventually die down thereby bringing lasting peace and prosperity to kashmir.
Col Vikram Bhasin
Apna Vihar, Kunjwani