‘Bhuvan’ to keep watch on implementation of Central schemes: ISRO

MYSURU: Indian Space Research Organisation (ISRO) Chief A S Kiran Kumar has said that the ‘Bhuvan’ portal will track the Central schemes.

Speaking at a function in JSS Women’s College here yesterday,  Mr Kumar said that “the portal will keep watch on works taken up under Mahatma Gandhi National Rural Employment Guarantee (MGNREG) scheme, among other schemes, and those who claim payment of bills for half finished works will be caught.”

“All the information about the project and the work taken up and completed will be sent to the Central Government every 10 days once and could be seen on ‘Bhuvan’ portal,” he added.

Mr Kumar said ISRO had launched the satellite to provide information to farmers on weather conditions suitable for agriculture activities. Already it was sending information to needy farmers on 11 crops.

The satellite is also beaming information about change in weather condition, indications about cyclone and possibility of natural disaster.  The information was useful to farmers as they can plan their crop pattern based on expected weather condition and rain.

ISRO’s Bhuvan is a well known national geo-portal, which is being widely used by the Government, public, NGOs and Academia. Bhuvan is developed with a clear focus of addressing Indian requirements of satellite Images and theme-oriented services to enable planning, monitoring and evaluation of stakeholder’s activities in governance and development.

It provides nation-wide seamless ortho-corrected image base, thematic data sets for many natural resources, transport network, Digital Surface Model, hydrologic base from basin to watershed, 10 Million Points of Interest (POI) data.

Bhuvan services include visualisation of remote sensing data (India-centric), free satellite data download, geophysical products, host of thematic services and customised application tools for Government data collaboration and enabling e-governance.

It also renders near real-time data and information support towards management of natural disasters in the country. (AGENCIES)


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