Bhalessa : A place of scenic spots

Sadaket A Malik
Bhalessa is known for its picturesque valleys and villages. It has more then three dozen sites that can attract tourists, travellers and mountaineers. These tourist spots are natural landscapes and not managed by any government departments as of now.
Bhal Padri, a hill station in Changa block is a beautiful hotspot of Bhalessa and has not been explored as of now.
Kanthi Dhar : There lies via Kilhotran a beautiful meadow of Khanthi Dhar. A local fair is held here (mela) annually. The people from all walks of life participate in this fair.
Makan and Chuchool: Makan and Chuchool is a beautiful place, there are some small Streams/ Nullahs such as Beer Sow with its origin from Ludoo Kansar, Kanchu sohow near Makhan Chuchool. These rivers flow through gorges and are mainly exploited for generation of Hydel Power
Mehal Dhar : Mehal Dhar is another valley of Bhalessa in Chilly area.The area is full of snowy mountains and is presenting a heart touching beauty to the tourists. In summer season, the Hindu pilgrims visit this place. Historically speaking, in ancient times, the valley was named after Prince Mehal Nag who lived here. He was Raja of Bhalessa.
Damote Dhar : This area of Bhalessa town is located in the upper reaches of Bharti-Dhosa on the one side and is spread up to chilly Mano-kota on the other side. The valley is connecting snow clad mountains in winter and is glorious in summers.
Bach Dhar: Located at the upper reaches of Jitota Bhalessa connecting Bhaderwah is a picturesque place and looks scenic during summers.
Nagni Dhar : Nagni lies in Chanti Ginshana area of Bhalessa, and is a main centre for tourists.
Rohari Meadows : Nature has endowed Bhalessa with adventure, beauty, and glory. The beautiful Rohari Dhar lies in the near khaljugasar- the last panchayat of Bhalessa. The cold air touches the hearts of tourists here. On the either side of Rohari there lies areas of Mankun and Chishool, The pedestrian can reach the area of Chamba within two hours. If we analyse the distance by road, if developed by the authorities, the area shall get directly connected with the Himachal Pradesh, thereby opening the vistas of trade and knowing each others cultures and traditions
Goha Dhar : Connecting border of Chamba District of Himachal Pradesh, there lies Dhar quite attractive for most of the tourists here.
Lamhote Meadows : Situated in chilly pingal Tehsil of Bhalessa, and has a beautiful look. It can attract the tourists across the state.
Soin Bhagar:
It is well known place in Bhalessa and can be a best tourist spot.
Ghasheer Top :
A well known place for the trekkers and the mountaineers. It is a hub of tourists but has not been adopted as of now by the tourism authorities.
Talaie :
Surrounded by Gamgul, Dagan, Mandral and Kawali meadows in Changa block of Bhalessa, the places are attractive for the mountaineers and travellers.
Dhosa Meadows : Adjacent to Bharti villages of Changa lies beautiful meadows of Dhosa. Dhosa is a beautiful valley in Changa Bhalessa.
Chilly Meadows:
The meadows located in Chilly are of mismerising view and can be best for tourist huts and spots.
Kahara Meadows:
Number of meadows lie in Kahara Tehsil of Bhalessa and can be better tourism hotspots if developed.