Bhaderwah beckons you

Aamir Rafiqi

Geographically recognized as the crown of India in the Northern part of Himalayas, Bhaderwah is bestowed with treasures of nature. It is a cup-type valley surrounded by evergreen vegetations, snow-capped mountains, tumultuous transparent rivers which blend into marvellous landscapes. The valley is embedded with Heritage villages, cottages and hamlets revealing civilizational aspects of the region. The beauty of this region has been described in Vasuki Puran like this “Bhadarwah like place can not be found anywhere even in Patal or Brahmlok. It is a unique place on the earth”. The famous traveler V.I. Hinge in 1892 AD named Bhadarwah as ‘prettiest and happiest region on earth’ situated between 320.590 altitude and 750.450 at an elevation of 5425 ft. above sea level.

Perched among the mountains at an aggregate height of about 5000 ft above sea level, the Valley of Bhaderwah looks very beautiful.

Bhadarwah is situated north east of Jammu at a distance of about 200 km. It is bounded by Chamba State of Himachal Pradesh in South east. The Valley of Bhaderwah derived its name from the Goddess Bhadarkali or Bhaderkashi which with passage of time depraved to Bhadarwah. The place has great tourism potential due to its picturesque mountains, lush green meadows, colourful hills with snow bound glaciers. Life sustaining crystal gushing water of rivers, pure water springs and cascading appearances which nature has gifted to Bhadarwah have added to its beauty.

As the region is dotted with various shrines of Hindus and Muslims, the region has great scope for pilgrimage tourism. The two sacred places of Kailash Kund and Son Bein (Golden Tank are at a height of 1000 ft and 8000 ft above the sea level at a distance of 13 kms and 8 kms to the south and south east respectively. Both the places are religiously connected with the ancient history. Besides, the town has a majestic view of Jama Masjid, Darga Sharief, Chandimata, Gupta Ganga, Vasuki Mandirs, Nozuki Mandirs.

Bhaderwah also offers some space for adventure sports lovers. The adventures lovers can go for snow-skiing, rock climbing, horse riding, para gliding and river rafting.

The tourist here can feel at home here in guest houses operated by local people. One can relish not only the food but also the local hospitality. As people here welcome with warmth, tourist influx is increasing day by day. The guest house owners have been acquainted with experiences of hospitality, presentation, service catering and management. This concpet of hospitality has taken off very well here. The tourist mingle with local people freely and get a chance to know local customs and cuisines from a close look.

The tourists can enjoy local delicacies like Dal-Rajmash, Trout fish and other exotic preparations. The Guest houses also offer people tour package at affordable prices.

Festivals too are organised here to aware tourists of local traditions and life style. Various dance forms Dakhu folk, Paddri, Bhalessi, Himachalli, Dogri and Kashmiri are organised to amuse tourists.

This enchanting place has many other tourist spots which have remained unexplored so far due to lack of roads and other required infrastructure. Bhaderwah – Seoj road connectivity via Mathola will give further impetus to tourism sector. The 12 km road stretch along which are scenic spots like Gulli, Hundal Gori, Jangral, Bhangra and Satarnoo need to be black topped so that the area comes on tourist map of the world. The Bhaderwah – Bani – Basohli road also needs attention of the authorities.

If the tourism potential of the area is fully exploited, Bhaderwah will emerge as a favourite tourist destination in the State. This sector can provide jobs to thousands of unemployed youths here and can boost the economy of the region.

Presently a four day festival is underway in this scenic spot. This cultural extravaganza is surely going to enthrall tourists this summer. Be a part of the festival.