Better facilities for Army

Despite extending fuller cooperation to China by India in resolving the stand-off between the two countries in Eastern Ladakh created by the expansionist and belligerent attitude of that country, there seems to be no immediate resolution . On the other hand, to meet any possible challenge and to remain in readiness , there are deployments of the Indian Army in that sector , the period of their remaining there , as such , being unknown and already approached harsh winter makes it likely and necessary that our troops are comfortably positioned . To ensure that, the Indian Army has created modern habitats for our troops in Ladakh . These are provided with the required facilities largely regarding heating, drinking water, electricity, health and hygiene etc.
Since the region receives up to 40 feet of snow after November almost every year and the resultant drop in temperature to the unbelievable extent of minus forty degree Celsius, the operational efficiency of the troops demands that complete suitable habitat be provided which we learn such a job has been completed . This is a highly commendable step of the Government and the Army authorities as we have rightly learnt from the 1962 events when our troops were ill equipped both in terms of individual reasonable facilities , arms and reasonable amenities required in the cold desert region. Frontline troops are provided with heated tents as well as civil infrastructure being identified to cater to any emergent requirements.