Gone are the days of being locked into a lengthy wireless contract as the prepaid market is offering a very sharp competition right now and the entire wireless market has moved to monthly no-contract plans. An advantage of a prepaid wireless plan is that one can keep track of your spending, credit score and find better options to save, freedom from overages and additional fees which includes the activation and Cancellation charges plus your plan can be changed at any point of time without any penalties.

The foremost thing is to consider the wireless coverage provided in your area as the prepaid carriers have a smaller coverage map because of the limited roaming agreements than the Postpaid carriers.

So connect and share with your loved ones without signing a contract. Choose between the biggest LTE network coverage or the network with the broadest device compatibility and choose from an array of plans which begin as low as $4.50, along with many more options depending upon your consumption on your combination of data, text, and talk. Tracfone among the many network providers is known for its simple minutes and money equating deals so to get great savings on your purchase click and avail the Tracfone promocode at the time of checkout. A smart way to pay for exactly what you need and nothing more.

If we look in terms of Best Overall performance- one can go in for Metro by T- Mobile, one of the best prepaid cell phone provider performing better in urban areas has four plan levels and steep multi-line discounts, with fast speed and good coverage in most of the U.S making it affordable for families using moderate-to-heavy data. The cheapest plan being $30 a month per line for 2GB of data. Some other plans include 5GB plan and two unlimited options, one with and one without hotspot data giving you good value for money with plenty of data and unlimited music streaming.

Best Value for talk and text- Cricket Wireless is a good choice for network and reliability if you just want to talk and text and don’t need the fastest speeds. Although It is one of the only prepaid carriers that offers both unlimited data and no-data plans, but its limiting data speed caps enforced on all Cricket’s plans make it a less desirable option. This Service provider offers five plans, all with unlimited talk and text. The customers have options for no data, 2GBs, 5GBs or from two tiers of unlimited data. The range of plan options is excellent to suit everyone in your family and more so for people without smartphones or minimal data-users. The basic talk and text plan costs $25 a month, and the top-tier unlimited plan costs $60 and can add five lines on a single plan.

Most Customizable– Custom plan is a great option for saving money and US Mobile is extremely flexible and lets you personalize almost everything of your plan, and alongside its tailored plans, US Mobile offers great extras where you can opt for any combination of talk, text or data and also lets you skip out on any part of a plan you won’t use, In Mid cycle if there is requirement for more so one can add minutes, text or data so It’s that easy to change. If you don’t want to use the text option then adding texting to your plan is not required. The option of adding minutes for an emergency phone is permissible. Having a wide array of options which starts from the tiniest text only plan of $5.50 to $79 unlimited plan, this provider also offers three tiers of data speeds, 1Mbps, 5Mbps and uncapped speed and within each speed tier, one has the option to choose from limited talk and text plans, or unlimited talk and text plus hotspot data though it is expensive on the unlimited front.

Most Hotspot Data– Boost Mobile runs on Sprint’s network but isn’t as fast as Verizon, AT & T and T-mobile network. Though Plan options are limited but their Low cost plans are a good choice if any limited plan option suits your needs and if Sprint network performance is strong in your area. Its Unlimited talk, text, and data plans start at $50 for a single line and $110 per month for a family of three and also an attractive offer of 20 GB on its Unlimited Plus plan, and worth mention is this whopping 40 GB of hotspot data called the Ultimate Unlimited plan, at a cost of $80 a month but for a limited period only.

Best Big Four Prepaid PlanAT & T having a solid network has prepaid Plan which are cheaper than the Postpaid plans and its features are same as the postpaid plans which include 10% auto pay discount and carryover data. An example is its $50 plan which costs $40 with the autopay and paperless billing discount and comes with 8GB of data, hotspot tethering, HD streaming and talk and text to/from Mexico and Canada. Option for non-data users, are they can either pay a $30 monthly fee for unlimited talk and text, or pay as you go, which charges a flat $2 for every day you use your phone (talk and text are unlimited on this plan as well). The company also has a very good budget plan that offers a generous helping of high-speed data, hotspot tethering, an autopay discount and next cycle carryover. An offer worth considering if you’re currently on an AT&T limited plan and want to save money.

To narrow down on the list of providers which are offering the best wireless plans, one needs to first grade them on the basis of coverage, reliability and speed of the operating network as each network has stronger and weaker areas. Then Choose from among the top picks, the best prepaid options that offer your custom preference for individuals and families, evaluating unlimited data and budget-friendly plans which suits your style and has the best service where you live.