Bengaluru Airport City appoints DP Architects, Portland Design as architectural consultants

Mumbai, Oct 6: Bengaluru Airport City Limited (BACL) has appointed DP Architects Singapore and Portland Design UK as architectural consultants for its upcoming integrated Retail-Dining-Entertainment (RDE) Village at the Airport.
Being developed by BACL on the vision of creating a retail and lifestyle destination, part of the Airport City project, the Village will be developed on a 23-acre land, over a built-up area of 1.1 million square feet, Bangalore International Airport Ltd (BIAL) said on Wednesday.
BACL is the wholly-owned subsidiary of BIAL.
“We are delighted to partner with DP Architects Singapore & Portland Design UK who are world leaders in retail, dining and entertainment spaces. The RDE Village is built on the vision of creating a new destination with a deep connection to the community, culture and environment, focusing on human-centric design,” said Rao Munukutla, CEO, BACL.
The state-of-the-art project would be strategically located adjacent to the Concert Arena and the Convention and Exhibition Centre, BACL said, which is developing an Airport City as a futuristic city which will embrace innovation and would be a launch pad for ‘Global Urban Solutions’, according to the private airport operator.
A multi-asset destination, Airport city aims to create a right mix of asset classes that includes business parks, technology hubs, health district, convention and exhibition centre, knowledge park, hospitality, central park, a multipurpose concert arena, retail, Dining and entertainment village, among others.
“In our design of RDE Village, we wanted to push for an architectural scheme beyond simply delivering a context, community and climate-responsive design,” said AR Angelene Chan, Chairman of DP Architects.
The RDE Village will be a transformative shopping, dining, and entertainment experience for the communities it will serve in Bengaluru and beyond, enabling visitors to explore and enjoy multi-itineraries in varying sensory landscapes, said Stephen Walsh, the Regional Director for Portland Design, who will be leading the space planning for this mall.
Regular retail will be accompanied by frequent pop-up incubators, dining experiences will run the gamut of local cuisines to those driven by international chefs, and sensory experiences in the mall across age groups will encourage longer dwell time and ensure repeat visits, BIAL said.
RDE Village will bring global experiences like Times Square New York, Las Vegas, Marina Bay Sands Singapore, among others, to Bengaluru, BIAL said, adding that the Connectivity to the RDE village will be boosted by the BMTC bus service and the upcoming Metro lines. (PTI)