Beacon completes 60 years in J&K

Six decades is no short a period wherein Project Beacon has rendered its services towards development and construction of vital projects in Jammu and Kashmir, generally much to everyone’s satisfaction. Having started its sojourn as early as in 1960 and being headquartered at Srinagar, it has to its credit in raising particular infrastructure very critical for utility and that too under trying circumstances , inhospitable terrains and inclement weather conditions. Any institution, uninterruptedly journeying for six decades and showing its performance undoubtedly is a feather in the cap worth feeling proud of but giving impetus to do more on regular basis.
Constructing good and motor-able road length of more than 4000 kms, making airfields in Jammu and Kashmir and other connected areas including Ladakh has bestowed upon it the honour of being instrumental to effect trans-region connectivity to Jammu and Kashmir, so important for viable economic activities. Who is not acquainted with their quantum of role in up-keeping the Jawahar Tunnel and in development of many a hydro power project in this part of the country? We expect regular and more reliable road facilities through their expertise in respect of keeping them functional round the year.