Basohli Mahotsav LG’s visit to boost morale of locals

View from a programme being staged during Basohli Mahotsav

The Basohli Mahotsav, a vibrant celebration of culture and tradition in the picturesque landscape located at trijunction of J&K, Punjab and Himachal Pradesh in Kathua district is attracting visitor/ tourists from far and wide to witness world acclaimed Basohli Ram Leela.
The festival will culminate on the occasion of Dussehra festival on October 24.
Lieutenant Governor Manoj Sinha will visit Basohli on October 22 and attend the festival. He will also address the gathering.
“The visit of the Lieutenant Governor to Basohli will boost morale of the locals. This will help in development of local art and crafts,’’ the people said.
DIG Jammu-Samba-Kathua Range Shakti Pathak, who also hails from Basohli, said Basohli art and craft should be recognized and fortunately it is being getting its due place now.
The festival comes close on the heels of grant of GI tag to Basohli’s pashmina which, as per the locals, will go a long way in giving boost to local art and craft and bring Basohli on international map.
The Navratra festival has been captivating locals and visitors alike with its enchanting mix of cultural programs, sports events, and artistic competitions.
The highlights remained the mesmerizing cultural programs presented by talented performers from the region. Their captivating performances showcased various art forms, including folk dances, classical music, and traditional storytelling. The audience is being enthralled by the vibrant colors, graceful moves, and soulful melodies that filled the air.
In addition to the cultural programs, several sports events were organized to engage and entertain the participants. Participants showcased their skills and enthusiasm as they competed in various sports activities, including traditional sports. These events not only provided a platform for friendly competition but also fostered a spirit of sportsmanship and unity among the participants.
Art enthusiasts, particularly school students, took part in painting competitions held as part of the Basohli Mahotsav. Through their paintings, the young artists beautifully captured the essence of Basohli’s rich cultural heritage.
The locals and tourists witnessing the multitude of events appreciated the Administration for the well orchestrated arrangements for the ongoing Basohli Mahotsav which is being organised on a massive scale this year.
The Basohli Utsav is also showcasing a kaleidoscope of events enthralling the attendees who turned up in large numbers to witness the nine day long celebrations of Shardiya Navratri.
The festival is also aimed to celebrate the rich cultural heritage and traditions of the region amidst the picturesque Basohli town affectionately known as Vishwasthali boasting a tapestry of tradition and legacy.
The Inter-School Cultural Programme Competition, a highlight of the Utsav, witnessed the enthusiastic participation of ten schools from across the region. Eager young talents showcased their skills in singing, dancing, acting, and various art forms to a spellbound audience. The event not only provided a platform for students to display their talents but also promoted healthy competition and camaraderie among the schools.
Another notable event held during the festivities was the Debate Competition, centered on the theme of “Bharat Ki Ramleela Ki Parampara.” This thought-provoking competition fostered intellectual discourse among fiery young minds, as they eloquently presented their arguments and showcased in-depth knowledge of the age-old tradition of Ramleelas in India.
The celebrations also included sporting events such as Kabaddi and Tug–of-war competitions, which added an element of excitement and athleticism to the proceedings. Participants displayed exceptional strength, teamwork, and determination as they vied for victory. These events were met with enthusiasm and support from the local community.
Prominent citizens, tourists, Panchayati Raj Institutions (PRIs), and a multitude of young students from schools and colleges graced the event with their presence, emphasizing the significant role this festival plays in fostering community engagement and creating lasting memories.
The increasing footfall of the visitors to witness the maiden Basohli Utsav is a testament to the efforts put in by the organizers, volunteers, and the wider community, who worked tirelessly to ensure a memorable experience for all. This festival is not only preserving the cultural heritage of Basohli but has also brought immense joy to the hearts of those who participated.
Moreover, the captivating scenes from Basohli Ram Leela depicting riveting dialogue between Raja Dashrath and Rani Kaikeyi followed by banishment of prince Ram along with devoted wife Sita and loyal brother Lakshman from the Ayodhya made the audience spellbound during yester night. The Ram Leela production has evoked keen interest of the audience and generated curiosity among them about the upcoming scenes set to showcase the remaining part of the epic.