Barbaric killings

The recent barbaric killings of innocent people in Kashmir has spread shock waves in every nook and corner of the country. The people who were killed in particular from minority community used to serve the majority community since long there and today these people are rewarded now. This barbaric killing exhibits mere frustration in the rank and file of the mentors of terrorism. These people cannot digest the ascent the present dispensation has achieved so far in the field of development and return of peace.
The corruption and disorder of the past regimes as go surfaced now and then has come down to the large extent. No religion teaches us to kill innocent people who are sole bread earners of their families. This cruel killing go against humanity. Kashmir the land of great saints and suffis has now turned into hell.
Terrorism will derail the peace process and also progress in Jammu and Kashmir. The terrorist sponsors want to keep the pot boiling. The people in Jammu & Kashmir are abreast of this situation and need of the hour is to cooperate with the Govt in curbing the menace of terrorism. It is not possible for Govt to protect every unarmed man, a strategy needs to be evolved in curbing the menace of terrorism in the UT of Jammu & Kashmir.
S N Raina