Baramulla police cracks down on narcotic supply chain

*305 arrested; drugs worth Rs 12 cr seized: SSP

Excelsior Correspondent

Srinagar, Aug 5: In a determined effort to combat the drug menace and disrupt the supply chain, the police in district Baramulla have launched a vigorous crackdown on drug smugglers and peddlers, resulting in the registration of more than 200 cases under the Narcotic Drugs and Psychotropic Substances (NDPS) Act and the arrest of over 305 individuals involved in the illicit trade.

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The operation, spanning nearly 7 months, has been executed in a mission mode, with the district police working tirelessly to bring those responsible for drug trafficking to justice.
Shedding light on the operation, SSP Baramulla, Amod Ashok Nagpure, emphasized the police’s commitment to eradicating the drug trade and its far-reaching consequences.
“So far, in the last 7 months, nearly 220 cases have been registered under the NDPS Act, and 305 peddlers have also been arrested. Among those apprehended, 45 are hardcore, habitual offenders operating across a wider radius, and several others are accomplices working under them. Additionally, 35 of these arrested peddlers have a history of habitual drug offences with previous cases registered against them,” Nagpure stated.
Highlighting the significance of the Baramulla district in north Kashmir, which serves as the gateway to the Kashmir Valley, Nagpure acknowledged the challenge posed by narcotics smuggled in by Pakistan-based handlers. He said that these cross-border traffickers aim to exploit and endanger the younger generation of Kashmir.
“To address this challenge, we have been working diligently to disrupt the supply side of the drug trade,” Nagpure asserted.
In a further show of force against drug-related activities, the district police have taken steps to freeze properties acquired with drug money under specific provisions of the NDPS Act.
He informed that five such cases have been identified, leading to the freezing of houses, bank accounts, and, in some instances, vehicles funded through drug profits.
“The cumulative value of the frozen assets is estimated to be nearly Rs 1 crore, with seized narcotics having a market worth of nearly Rs 12 crore,” he said.