Banning PFI and 8 Associates

While the tenets of liberty , freedom , equality and a transparent democratic process cannot be expected to act in haste to ban any organisation or a group of any Association , it is therefore likely that some time gets expended in taking steps which otherwise warranted an early action. Popular Front of India (PFI) , a changed form of the banned SIMI , has been found in indulging in acts precariously prejudicial to public peace, harmony and security . Inclination towards and motivating cadre to the ideology of hate, communal hatred, creating confusion and disturbances, receiving foreign funding and money laundering and other numerous antinational activities indulged in by it and its associated groups/ wings having been fully established over the last few years has amply proved that PFI is an unlawful organisation and so are its associates warranting a ban on it and freezing its Bank Accounts and assets.
During the countrywide raids , during the last two to three days, wherever its tentacles are spread, led to many arrests including preventive ones. The government , therefore, being fully convinced based on investigations, inputs and reports about the PFI supporting terror outfits and conspiracies to create communal tensions , posing a grave threat to national security etc has banned Popular Front of India (PFI) and its 8 Associates for a period of 5 years. The ban has been widely hailed across the country while many hold the view that ”why so late” while at the same time , but most unfortunately , a few have indulged in cheap but avoidable politics over the ban.