Bandipora hospital

This refers to editorial ” Complete work on Bandipora hospital” (DE 31.12.2019). The construction on this hospital began almost 6 years back and till date building is yet to be made operational. It would have been better if the hospital construction was taken up at some elevated place around DC office road. The existing site is a congested market of Bandipora ?
The place where the hospital is constructed also happens to be a wetland and part of Wullar lake. The water-body has already been earth-filled there around hospital and lot of municipal solid waste is also dumped in Wullar lake near Nussu Zalwan village few kms ahead. If not the new hospital building at least the residential houses and some other illegal encroachment should be removed around the market touching Wullar wetlands so that patients coming to this hospital are safe in future.
Shahnawaz Mir
Bathindi Jammu