Ballot won over Bullet

In the recent DDC elections, people participated en-mass in casting their vote, electing their representative who will work for the aspirations that people carry. It is indeed an exercise praiseworthy as it went peacefully and methodically to the end. Three tier system at the gross root level stood now operative that has deeply raised the pillars of democracy to fulfill the grossroot level of the people. The people who do not like holding of elections and to derail the democratic process in the UT of Jammu and Kashmir stand now alienated and desperated. People have shown wit and grit and participated while standing in queue in the extreme cold. The mainstream political parties formed joint front called Gupkar Alliance left no stone unturned in wooing the electorates in their favour. They won a good number of seats in the Valley and contrary to this alliance, BJP got maximum number of seats in Jammu province.
The rhetoric propoganda with regard to Article 35-A and 370 and its abrogation pioneered by some politicians could not make any dent in public domain. So far as DDC elections took place. People voted for development and employment. Gun has no place and those who stood for gun culture have been exposed. The UT of Jammu and Kashmir is returning to normalcy where stone pelting and demonstrations have now come to complete halt. People cannot be exploited now anylonger as reflected in DDC electons held.
S N Raina