Ballot over Bullet

In Jammu & Kashmir State, elections for Ist four phases ended peacefully and smoothly. In these phases people participated in large numbers actively.
Despite boycott calls and militant threats people  turned out enmasse to cast their vote. From the early morning people stood in long queues waiting for their turn in the  participation of democratic process. Inspite of internal and external threats the poll percentage in Ist two phases has been recorded more than 71 percent. This shows people have full faith in Indian democracy and wanted to strengthen it more and more. The people of the State have shown their wit and grit while defeating the negative forces in their nefarious designs. The people of the State cannot be pulled down how hard situation they may confront.
Our neighbouring country went desperate when she saw people enmasse participating in the democratic process of the State of Jammu & Kashmir. History repeats that it is ballot that decides the fate of the people.
Bullet has never sustained peace and has been instrumental for destruction and devastation. J& Kashmir people have all along frought divisive forces and today  also they have shown their might. Now, when the 3rd and fourth phase has ended and followed by one  more phase  people should come out and vote without any fear so that bullet is silenced once for all in the State of Jammu & Kashmir. In a civilised society gun culture has no place and people have aspirations. They want development, employment and road connecting etc. It is our fundamental right to cast vote and should  never miss this opportunity as ballot always  rules the bullet.
Yours etc….
S N Raina


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