Back to Village Programme

It is an admitted fact that village is a basic unit considered for overall development in the field of education, medical, social welfare, transport, irrigation and many more such other fields and the panchayat is the immediate organization for looking after such programmes, Gandhiji was an ardent follower of Panchayat Raj System. We should feel proud that 80 percent of population lives in villages. So the overall improvement and development of villages is the first and foremost priority for developmental works, it is in view of this immediate thinking and decision that Back to Village Programme Phase 1st was carried on in June 2019. Each Panchayat and village was kept under a gazetted officer whose duty was to assess the problems faced by villagers alongwith panchayat members and after earmarking the problems through Grahm Panchayat measures to solve them were devised. In this way they got an on the spot time to know the problems and the solution thereof. Now the second phase of Back to Village Programme, 25 Nov to 30 Nov, 2019 was devised and started again under the supervision and guidance of a gazetted officer to gauge as to what progress had been made for the solution of problems sorted out in the 1st phase and the people are participating very vigorously and zealously in programs held at village level. This initiative, on the part of the Government, is a right step in the right direction. This programme will go a long way in stopping the migration of villagers to urban areas and bringing back the prestine glory of villages.
Dwarika Nath Raina
Upper Muthi Jammu


The Government needs to be commended for launching the second edition of ‘Back to Village’ programme to redress the grievances of rural people who are suffering a lot on account of various difficulties. It may not be out of place to mention here that our villages have not developed much during the last 70 years of independence. Most of the villages do not have road connectivity yet, thereby, they remain cut off from the rest of the State and the country. Due to lack of communication facilities, the welfare schemes launched by the Government from time to time do not reach the people. By the time, they reach these villages, most of them become outdated, and are of no use to people. One more harsh reality is that rural people encounter many problems while pursuing these schemes. They have to face arrogant bureaucrats and haughty officialdom. As it involves lot of time and money, most of the aspirants do not avail the benefits. To overcome this sorry state of affairs. ‘Back to Village’ programme is a well meaning programme, and it should be implemented sincerely by the implementing agencies.
Neha Mahajan


Though the Government launched second phase of ‘Back to Village’ programme, it may be said here that people feel that the problems highlighted by them with the concerned authorities during the 1st phase of programme have been either implemented partially or not redressed at all. The lukewarm response on part of the authorities have to some extent dejected the people. They feel that it is just to show that the Government is keen to look after the welfare of rural people who are living an isolated life which keeps them away from basic necessities of life. The Government must ensure that the problems highlighted by the people are redressed to the satisfaction of people.
Mere promises and false assurances will only discredit the Government agencies further more. The officers who are on the ‘Back to Village’ mission should not just waste precious time and waste public money by not acting quickly and efficiently.
Vijay Sharma