B2V programme needs timely feedback

The ambitious programme of ‘Back to Villages’ which the Prime Minister has called as ”festival of development , public awareness and public participation” , the concerned officers in the UT administration visiting people residing in our rural areas and even staying there for a few days to interact and to assess the progress on the ongoing development works in respective areas , to get acquainted with the difficulties, shortcomings and exploring areas where weaknesses and shortcomings needed to be removed – gave all encouraging results . That speaks for as many as three phases of the ambitious programme in quick succession having been launched to ensure that each and every Panchayat was covered under the said programme. We know, things done by halves are never considered to be right or yielding desired results. What was observed ,however, was that something very important was missing in that which peculiar problems specific to a particular Panchayat area and which problems in general were faced by the residents and how many got resolved on the spot and how many referred to higher authorities and other relevant details were required to be furnished well in time in the manner enumerated in the scheme itself. Has that been done in entirety is the moot question ?Has necessary feed-back been put on the specific portal by the concerned officers in the absence of which people could know not thoroughly about the achievements or future action to be taken? At the time of the launch of this innovative and pro-village dwellers programme , the Government had,in unequivocal manner given directions for keeping the channel of necessary feed-back quite active and even Lieutenant Governor Manoj Sinha had laid emphasis on updating the web portal with the necessary details and feed-back as that would enable the administration to proceed further with taking further action in the works held up or new ones required to be taken up. How does it sound that in spite of these clear cut instructions forming the core of the programme, there is witnessed no perceptible compliance rather consistent decline in putting feedback on the said portal. When directions were issued to all the Deputy Commissioners to ensure meticulous and timely compliance of the said provisions,then for what reasons it is found that there was a huge gap in the expected quantum of the feed-back and the actual information fed into the portal . We do not ignore the extent of enthusiasm shown by the concerned officers so far as the first two phases of the said programme are concerned but why element of consistency is found missing in the third phase. It should be the foremost duty of the administrative apparatus to encourage and make successful such innovative and ambitious propeople programmes of mass contact and therefore, all of its guidelines needed to be followed. There should , therefore, be no hesitation in the bureaucracy and its concerned staff in giving a sense of belonging to the masses in rural and far flung areas under the said scheme for which necessary followup measures , submitting details and feed-back and other relevant details on the web-portal are necessary. It is beyond any doubt that on the whole, all the three phases of the Back to Villages programme proved quite productive , people shunned their initial hesitation and later enthusiastically saw to it that they were inalienable part of the programme by participating and suggesting, complaining and demanding all about small and medium projects of development