Azad blames BJP for RS impasse

The Congress today held the BJP responsible for the impasse in Rajya Sabha due to which the triple talaq bill could not be taken up, and accused the ruling party of trying to use Parliament as a “rubber stamp”.
Leader of Opposition in Rajya Sabha Ghulam Nabi Azad said that for the first time in the country’s Parliamentary history, people could see Ministers stalling proceedings leading to an impasse for the last three days and the triple talaq bill could not be taken up.
“They (the ruling BJP) are squarely responsible for this impasse in Rajya Sabha. For the first time, Union Ministers and (ruling party) MPs were seen standing in Rajya Sabha and stalling Parliament,” he told reporters.
Azad said the Government was responsible for the situation and the House not being able to take the triple talaq bill for sending it to a select committee for further scrutiny.
He said the current bill does not have provisions for taking care of Muslim women whose husbands would be sent to jail.
Congress whip in Lok Sabha Deepinder Singh Hooda alleged that the Government was not taking Parliament seriously and was using it as only a “rubber stamp”.
“They do not believe in Parliament. They only believe in Ordinances. They only use Parliament as a ‘rubber stamp’,” he told reporters. (PTI)