Aviation Regulator makes disturbing revelations

At airports, as per random test conducted, as many as 84 workers deputed at 42 airports of the country were found drunk during active working hours. This disturbing revelation has been made by the aviation regulator Director General of Civil Aviation (DGCA). Looking to the number of workers during the period of over an year of such tests conducted, it may look negligible in number and extent but the trend, if not arrested, can lead to various complications especially looking to the sensitivities of Airports .
Undergoing alcoholic verification test by the workers /staff assigned any sort of work/duty in and around airports is mandatory and one found either refusing to undergo such testing or found under the influence of alcohol must be dealt with according to the prevalent service rules. The question is whether while joining duties in the morning hours or whatever the arrangement of starting their duties is , such workers come drunk or at the work place itself there is some ”makeshift” arrangement to have the stuff gulped . In both the cases, supervisory staff must exercise due care in allowing in the working place only those who are not ”spirited” from home and while working, ensure they do not consume alcoholic substances. Unfortunately, the scope and the field of vigil, surveillance, guard and watch are increasing day by day and newer areas are coming under the fold depicting a downward trend of the levels of niceties and moral and societal obligations . In addition to it, a general tendency to boozing among the people is on the rise but that it should be manifest even during active and peak working /office hours and at the workplace, is unfortunate , against office decorum and discipline hence must be discouraged and sternly checked.