Automatic upgradation

Refer news item ‘HRD Ministry urged to rethink policy of automatic upgradation ‘Dt. June 17.
Better later than never. It will in the interest of the education in the country, the policy of automatic upgradation is stopped in the country. The recognition of this fact by a Parliamentary Standing Committee on Human Resource Development (HRD) is quite welcome. The Committee has strongly opposed the policy of automatic upgradation from Class I to VIII, saying it would leave the child without motivation to work hard.
The Education system had come  under strain under these circumstances. The automatic upgradation was affecting the meritorious candidates and  teachers as well. Besides taking elevation as far granted students would never attend classes daily. And they also were creating indiscipline in the classes. Once they reached X Class, they could not qualify the exam, the brunt of which had to be faced by the teachers in terms of withholding increments and administrative action.
The Parliamentary panel reached to this conclusion after studying Annual Status of Education Report (ASER) Rural-2012.
Hope the authorities will take cognizance of the report and will frame guidelines accordingly.
Yours etc…
Sunil Verma, Sainik Colony, Jammu


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