Auqaf hindered in development of park, parking place in Ward 5

Garbage dump continues at Peer Kho Shrine entrance despite assurance by Mayor

Sanjeev K Sharma

JAMMU, Dec 22: A big garbage dump continues to lie near the entrance of popular and most revered shrine of Lord Shiva at Peer Kho in Ward Number 5 of Jammu Municipal Corporation (JMC) even after the assurance by the so called “revolutionary” Mayor, Rajinder Sharma for early removal of the same and this in itself is an open and clear example of official red tape culture prevailing in the offices of JMC.
Giving more details in this regard, the elected Councillor of the Ward, Gopal Gupta said that his repeated efforts in this regard failed before the wrong work culture of JMC offices which has been badly infected by the red tape culture.
In an exclusive interaction with the Excelsior, Gopal Gupta, who politically belongs to BJP and is a first time Councillor informed that most people in his Ward live in custodian land and all of these people have a long pending demand of ownership rights over the land they are living in for decades but till date nothing has been done in this regard even after the abrogation of Articles 370 and 35-A.
He said that for a small park on Circular Road near DC Office, JMC sanctioned Rs. 15 lakh but the Administrator of Auqaf hindered the development while already development work worth Rs. 10 lakh was done there.
“Similarly, money was sanctioned for parking place near DC office but the same Administrator objected and now the Auqaf people charge for parking vehicles there,” the Councillor claimed.
He informed that areas of his Ward include DC office, official residence of CM, Shahedi Chowk, Dalpatia Mohalla, Talab Khatikan, Jagtatian Mohalla, Ramdasian Mohalla, Bawa Jeewan Shah Mohalla and area from Rajinder Bazar to Peer Mitha.
Gupta said that three schools in his Ward are in custodian buildings of which one has been repaired, repair for the second is under tendering and the third has been declared unsafe and for this Rs. 64 lakh have been sanctioned but so far funds have not been given for the work.
The JMC Councillor said that construction and repair work of lanes and drains is 90 per cent complete in his Ward but blacktopping was not done at many place so tile was placed there.
He informed that the entire Ward has been covered with Street Lights and almost all of these lights are working properly.
“There are many stray cows and dogs in the Ward,” the Councillor maintained adding: “The stray cows eat polythene from garbage dumps and spoil their health and the concerned authorities at JMC should act strictly against owners of these cows for letting them free after taking their milk.”
He informed that stray dogs have created a lot of problems in the Ward and these canines not only litter here and there but also bite people and chase two wheelers and have created a wave of terror among women, children and old age people.
Gopal Gupta said that there is no playground and no Community Hall in his Ward but there are two public toilets and a dispensary.
It is pertinent to mention here that while more than four years of the mandatory tenure of five for the elected body of JMC have passed, most of the developmental works have not been completed and many such works have not even seen the light of the day.
Councillor Gupta talked about sewerage problems in his Ward and said that due to the sub-standard work executed by the concerned agency, the sewerage pipes get frequently blocked at many places and the litter comes out from the manholes leaving problems for the passersby and the locals living there.
He further said that sewerage people dug the lanes and roads and left them unrepaired which further added to the miseries of the people.
“Only 35 Safai Karamcharis have been provided in my Ward but there is a need of 60. Despite the shortage we properly manage the available manpower in a better way to have good cleanliness in the Ward,” he claimed.
The Councillor also said that autos collecting garbage from door-to-door are doing good work and where these autos can’t reach due to narrow lanes, wheel barrows have been pressed into service.
“Use of autos and wheel barrows to collect garbage has now reduced garbage dumps in the Ward,” he continued.
Gupta said that almost all the residents of his Ward have made their Ayushman Cards and most of the eligible Voters have got their Voter Cards and same is the status of Domicile Certificates in his Ward.
He informed that no smart meters have been installed in his Ward and the Ward also has hanging wires and damaged poles.
“There are some 25 water coolers in my Ward and all are non-functional and there is encroachment also by the shops and residential houses in the Ward as they have constructed platforms and stairs near their entrance,” he said adding that house numbering in the Ward is of Custodian Department and that of JMC.
“There were reports of thefts involving iron gratings from the drains in my Ward,” the Councillor claimed adding that many drug addicts and peddlers are active in his Ward for which the police should take a cognizance.
He informed that JMC has spent Rs. 10 lakh on development work at Karbala complex while Rs. 5 lakh were spent on boundary wall of Jamia Masjid and Rs. 5 lakh on Mosque of Ahmadias for tile work in his Ward.